Alumni outcomes

A force more than 2M strong, they shape the world

From the classroom to the boardroom

UC alumni come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and incomes. What they have in common is passion, curiosity and the drive to make a difference. 

Jirayut “New” Latthivongskorn

The undocumented student who became a doctor

Dr. Jirayut “New” Latthivongskorn, MD, MPH is the first undocumented student to complete medical school at UC San Francisco. He now works as a physician, providing care to undocumented immigrants, low-income communities, and other underserved groups.

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Moving up with a UC degree

Students from all income levels succeed in achieving incomes that surpass their parents, with over 90 percent of the lowest income students, and 50 - 70 percent of middle-income students doing so.

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Within 2-10 years of graduating, most UC alumni see their earnings double.
A majority of UC’s low-income students earn more than their parents within 5 years of graduating.
UC undergrad alumni in California earn $9,300 more annually than graduates of other institutions.

The marine biologist who became an astronaut

By the age of 5, UC San Diego alum Jessica Meir dreamed of being an astronaut. Now, as a member of NASA's Artemis Team, she could become the first woman to walk on the moon.

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Jessica Meir
Shavone Charles

No last name needed

A UC Merced graduate, Shavone has had a meteoric rise since being tapped as Instagram's first music and youth culture hire in 2015. Today, she has taken her passion for tech and fashion for creatives of color to the next level as the founder of Future Of Creatives.

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